Daily News

CHILDREN’S MUSIC TIMEimage_1359821250401552
with Charlotte Penland
Every Wednesday 5:30-6:15
Beginning this Wednesday, February 6th
All children welcome; bring your friends for a great time in MUSIC!

~  *  ~

pinkglowheart59x56KIA…..Jr. Youth will be sponsoring a Valentine Banquet on February 9th at 5:00 p.m. in our fellowship building.
The cost is only $7.00 per plate. This will include meal and entertainment. Meal consists of chicken (white or dark meat), creamed potatoes, green beans, rolls, dessert, tea and coffee. Please see Sean, Janice, Gerhard or a parent to place your order today. We must have a definite head count. If you need a ride, please let one of us know. Thanks for your continued support!

~  *  ~


NOT representative of wild game being served!

Wild Game Night
All are invited for a night of free food and fellowship!
Join us for a night of exquisite cuisine!
We will have everything from Venison to Moose. We will be
serving beef stew for those who don’t have an appetite for Wild Game!
Please sign up in the hall behind the sanctuary so that we can make sure all your taste buds curiosities are quenched and to ensure we prepare enough food.

~   *  ~

P.S. —

Please donate your used Greeting Cards by dropping
them off in the box in the mail room. It’s sooo easy. All
you have to do cut off the front of your used card and
put them in the box!


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