Lost In Wonder – An On-Line Labyrinth by the UMC

Welcome to Lost in Wonder

You are warmly invited to journey through the ten stages of this on-line labyrinth, devised by the Methodist Church, but offered to all.

A labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool that leads the traveller along a meditative path. Through images, words, music and actions we hope that you are able to consider your spiritual journey and be inspired and challenged.

Appropriate help for each stage of the Labyrinth
Will take you back to the map of the Labyrinth
Reveals the Priorities of the Methodist Church, highlighting the prioirity with most relevance at each stage
Will take you to the next stage of the Labyrinth

At the end of the Labyrinth you will find a notice board full of information and ideas. This might help you to explore further some of the things that you have experienced in Lost in Wonder. There is also a space to send us your comments – please let us know what you think; we would love to hear from you. 

Visit Lost in Wonder

You will need to have audio turned on on your computer.

Text version of Lost in Wonder (PDF)


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