Mt. Mitchell United Methodist Church is seeking a part time organist/pianist (about 10 – 12 hours a week) to provide music for Sunday services, Wednesday Evening rehearsals and special services (ie: Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and/or Good Friday and Christmas Evening Services as well as Funerals).  This candidate must be able to work with our children’s choir and the Handbell Choir as well as our Adult Choir.  You will be required to attend quarterly Worship Committee meetings and collaborate with the Pastor and Choir Director; have flexibility with regard to work schedule, direction and assignments and must strive to assist on finding new ways of using music to continue to Glorify God.  Appropriate degree in music or its equivalent work experience preferred.  Send your resume along with a cover letter, with desired salary (a requirement) to Mt. Mitchell United Methodist Church, c/o SPRC Chair, 6001 Old Salisbury Concord Road, Kannapolis NC 28083 or email to

Snowflake Cookies

This week’s recipe comes from the cookbook, Heavenly Delights, produced by the Mt. Mitchell United Methodist Women [©1990]. Our choice ‘deliciousness’ was submitted by Terrie Bebber.

  • 2 egg whites
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 16 oz semi-sweet chocolate morsels
  • 1/2 cup pecans

Whip egg whites until peaks form. Gradually add sugar as you keep whipping. Fold in chocolate and nuts by hand. Drop by teaspoonful onto ungreased cookie sheet. Place cookie sheet into preheated 350 degree oven. Shut oven door and turn off oven immediately. Leave 3 hours or overnight.

Snowflake Cookies  –  .pdf

A Little Bit o’: Methodist History

This is from:  Methodist Episcopal Church in North Carolina 1865 – 1939 by Reverend George William Bumgarner.

The oldest title for an American organization is “Methodist Episcopal”.  In 1784 at the Christmas Conference, 60 various preachers met and set up the Methodist Episcopal Church (MEC).  In the early half of the 1800’s, 2 of the Afro-American groups, Wesleyan Methodists and Methodist Protestants split away to form their own. Even though the new groups caused membership to shrink, the MEC stayed alive.

In 1844, a larger portion of the MEC broke off to create the Methodist Episcopal Church, South (MECS) although in the northern part of the nation they were still included in the general MEC. By 1845, a plan was approved so that there was a separate General Conference for the MECS in slave-holding states with the first meeting in 1846. This separation would last 93 yrs and include debate, scandal and the Civil War.


{The “Northern” Methodists were officially part of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The Northern Methodist were not happy being called “Northern Methodists” but in the South, it told who was meeting and who was not.}


Methodist Episcopal Church in North Carolina 1865 – 1939. Bumgarner, Reverend George William. The Methodist Episcopal Church in North Carolina 1865 – 1939. ©1990 by Committee on Archives and History of Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church. Hunter Publishing Company, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 27113, USA.

Bishop Announces Plans for 2014 Wesley Heritage Tour

Original Article:  Bishop Announcement for Wesley Heritage Tour

MARCH 19, 2013

Bishop Larry M. Goodpaster has announced his plan to lead pastors, church leaders, and other  interested persons throughout Western North Carolina on a Wesley Heritage Tour to take place in early to mid-July of 2014. Participants will visit sites important to the birth and development of Methodism as they travel to London, Bristol, Bath, Worchester, Gloucester, Birmingham, Coventry, Epworth, Stratford, and Oxford. A brochure detailing information, including costs, is being developed and will be available in April. Information will also be shared during the Educational Opportunities Breakfast at the Western North Carolina Annual Conference in June.

Interested persons are asked to contact the Rev. Dr. Thomas R. Sigmon, project coordinator, right away, or by phone, 704.532.7167, who will provide information, including brochures, as soon as they are available. Clergy or church leaders should also contact Dr. Sigmon about ways of earning credit toward their travel costs for this trip. This is the first conference supported Wesley Heritage Tour since 2002.

Stuffed Green Peppers

This week’s recipe comes from the awesome orange cookbook produced by Bethpage United Methodist Church. The recipe is on p. 191 and submitted by Pat Jordan.

    • 6 medium boiled eggs
    • 1 pkg American cheese
    • 1 tsp salt
    • 1 tsp mustard
    • 2 tbsp mayonnaise
    • Pepper to taste
    • Sweet pickle juice (optional)
    • 5 large green peppers

Grate cheese and eggs. Add salt, mustard, mayonnaise and black pepper. Mix well and add sweet pickle juice if desired. Cut peppers in half lengthwise and remove seeds. Wash, drain and stuff with prepared mixture.

Stuffed Green Peppers (.pdf)

Researching Your United Methodist Ancestors

Original Article:  Researching Your United Methodist Ancestors: A Brief Guide

Start with Three Important Questions

LogoTransparentWas my ancestor an ordained minister? Many families have the tradition that “great-grandpa was a preacher.”  Such family history may or may not be accurate.  In United Methodism the term preacher could refer to an ordained minister or it could refer to a lay person who had many of the duties of an ordained minister, but only in a specific locale.  This person was called a local preacher.

If the person was an ordained minister, then records held by the General Commission on Archives and History may be able to help you.   The resources for genealogical research are limited to full-time, fully ordained clergy of the United Methodist Church and its predecessor denominations. (See below for a list of our predecessor groups)  If the person you are researching falls into this category then please feel free to fill out our Genealogical Research Information form.    What we may be able to provide is a copy of the official obituary taken from the person’s Annual Conference Journal.  (See below for definition). There is a non-refundable fee for this service. Many annual conferences can also provide this service. You may wish to contact  them as well.

Was my ancestor a missionary?  If you believe that your ancestor was a missionary, then again, we may be able to help you.    We have obituaries for many of the denomination’s missionaries and we have reports filed by many of the missionaries about their work.  If the person you are researching falls into this category then please feel free to fill out our Genealogical Research Form.

Where are baptismal and membership records?    Local church records, such as baptismal and membership records, are not kept by the General Commission on Archives and History.  Local church records are kept at the local church.  If that church closes and merges with another church, then the records go to the new church.  If the church closes and there is no sucessor church, then the records are usually transferred to the annual conference archives.  You will need to contact the conference archives to learn more about the status of the church and how to go about finding its records.  Feel free to use our on-line conference directory to locate the person you need to contact.   If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

21 April – Bulletin Preview

Mt. Mitchell United Methodist Church

Fourth Sunday of Easter

April 21, 2013 11:00 a. m.

The Word of God for the People of God.
Thanks be to God.

SERMON    –    “ There’s A Song In The Air    –    Ms. Beverly Maulden

Leader: Are you a dancer who’s never danced?
People: Oh LORD, give us YOUR dance that we can step in rhythm with our brothers
Leader: Are you a singer who’s never sung?
People: Oh LORD, share with us YOUR song that we may sing in harmony with our sisters
Leader: Are you someone full of laughter who holds it in?
People: Oh LORD, teach us to giggle so others will join us
Leader: Are you a weeper who’s afraid to cry?
People: Oh LORD, give us courage to share a tear with an understanding heart
Leader: Are you someone who cares, but is afraid to risk loving?
People: Oh LORD, fill our hearts with YOUR spirit to drown all our fears
Leader: Do you have an alleluia deep inside you growing rust?
People: Oh LORD, YOU are our strength, our joy, our song, our victory
We will dance, we will sing, we will laugh, we will cry, with all
Our brothers and sisters
We are an alleluia people learning and loving
Alleluia, Alleluia Praise God Alleluia

Bulletin for 21 April 2013

Lake Junaluska Celebrates 100 Years of Transforming Lives

 Original Article:  Lake Junaluska
APRIL 10, 2013

On June 25, 1913, after five years of planning and development, Lake Junaluska hosted its first events. At the time, Lake Junaluska consisted of Stuart Auditorium, which was an open-air structure with a dirt-covered floor, a man-made lake, and a small number of homes.

During the past 100 years, Lake Junaluska has grown into a much beloved retreat center and residential community. Today, Lake Junaluska looks to a bright future as a place of Christian hospitality, where lives are transformed through renewal of soul, mind, and body.

The Centennial will open with Stories by the Lakeshore with Donald Davis, whose father, aunts and uncles were all at the 2013 opening ceremony. Davis is a graduate of Duke Divinity School and a retired Methodist minister.

Lake Junaluska will host a series of signature Centennial events, including the Centennial Homecoming Week, June 30 – July 7.

Week activities include:

  • The Centennial Concert Series, featuring Balsam Range, the Lake Junaluska Singers, and the Lake Junaluska Singers Alumni.
  • Historical Lake crossing re-enactments, as well as tours of the Lake Junaluska train depot, historic homes across Lake Junaluska, and the Lake Junaluska gardens.
  • Lake Junaluska Family Olympics. Activities include Field Day relays and activities, water competitions, and a Centennial scavenger hunt.
  • Replication of the 1913 opening worship service photo in front of Stuart Auditorium. All are welcome to be a part of this historic photo.
  • Annual July 4th festivities, including our annual parade (“Lake Junaluska Through the Years”), BBQ picnic with bluegrass band, Lake Junaluska evening performance, and fireworks.
  • Lake Junaluska Centennial reunions, including the Lake Junaluska Singers Alumni Reunion, Lake Junaluska Staff Reunions (‘70s and 80s, and ‘90s and 2000s).
  • Lake Junaluska charity golf tournament. All proceeds will support the Lake Junaluska Annual Fund.
  • Special showing of The Swan, starring Alec Guiness and Grace Kelly. Portions of The Swan were filmed at the Lake Junaluska train depot.

Additional information about Lake Junaluska Centennial Homecoming Week can be found or by calling 800.222.4930. Special centennial lodging packages are available.

Broccoli Salad

This wonderful recipe is brought to you by Pat McCollum of Bethpage United Methodist Church. Thank you so much for your recipe!

  • 1 to 2 bunches of broccoli crowns, broken into small pieces
  • 1/2 cup raisins
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 cup purple onion chopped


  • 1 cup mayo
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

Mix everything in a large bowl.  Add dressing just before serving.

Broccoli Salad – .pdf