MMUMW History

The History of
On December 6, 1925, a Ladies Society was organized at Mt. Mitchell Methodist Church.  Officers selected to lead this group were Mrs. R. F. Revis – president, Mrs. Ida Troutman – secretary, and Mrs. Lizzie Long  – treasurer.  The second president was Mrs. Vick Sides who served until 1936.The dues were ten cents per month.  These dues were used to help pay the salaries of the minister and the district superintendent and to pay for needed repairs and furnishings for the church and parsonage.  During these years the members had Peanut Sisters. They drew names each month and gave small nickel or dime gifts to the Peanut Sister whose name they had drawn.
In 1940 all Women’s Missionary groups within the Methodist Church were united to form the Women’s Society of Christian Service. The Mt. Mitchell group changed its name and began giving annually to missions. The dues were raised to twenty-five cents per month. Because of the group’s growth, a second circlewas formed in 1945. It was named the Willing Workers and was led by Mrs. Nan Eagle Hartis and Mrs. Margaret Cook.
In 1949 Mrs. Esther Troutman was elected as president of the unit. During her eight years as president, the membership increased to 66, a full slate of officers was elected, and each circles’ pledge to missions increased.
In 1951 a third group, the Friendly Circle, was formed and Mrs. Jean Cook served as its chairman.  In May 1957 this circle was divided due to the increase in membership, and the Susanna Wesley Circle was formed with Mrs. James Bruton as chairman.  In 1974 a group of younger women decided to form a circle.  They selected Christian Workers as the name of their group and Mrs. Jackie Linker was chosen to serve as its first president.
The first circle that was organized in 1925 no longer exists due to health, age and death of its charter memmbers. During the pas 84 years however, four other circles have been organized. They include:
  • the Christian Workers Circle
  • the Friendly Circle
  • the Susanna Wesley Circle
  • the Willing Workers Circle

These groups work together to make up the Mt. Mitchell United Methodist Women. All of the groups would like to invite any women who are not active members to become involved as they work to know God, develop a creative support fellowship, and expand the concepts of missions through the global ministries of the church.


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