Prayer Requests


Email the church with your prayer request:  Mt Mitchell UMC

*  Please keep in mind that per Federal HIPAA laws, the church is not allowed to pass on certain information, especially pertaining to anything medical.

Blessings to You All!

One thought on “Prayer Requests

  1. Dear Team

    Please pray for healing of my sons constant cough which he has had a few months Pray for healing of all deep grief, depression,and all long term disease, infirmity and sickness. Pray for provision for daily costs and medical needs.

    Please pray for my mobility, my structure is fragile, pray for God to really strengthen my bones, especially my back. Please also pray for God to strengthen my spine, legs and arms, as I need major surgery on an ankle, and rota cuff. Please pray for God to strengthen my inner man, to be able to survive a really tough period in my life. Pray for people support for us to go on and prayerfully hold us up.

    Thank you and God bless
    Marie Grace


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