A Little Bit o’: Methodist History

This is from:  Methodist Episcopal Church in North Carolina 1865 – 1939 by Reverend George William Bumgarner.

The oldest title for an American organization is “Methodist Episcopal”.  In 1784 at the Christmas Conference, 60 various preachers met and set up the Methodist Episcopal Church (MEC).  In the early half of the 1800’s, 2 of the Afro-American groups, Wesleyan Methodists and Methodist Protestants split away to form their own. Even though the new groups caused membership to shrink, the MEC stayed alive.

In 1844, a larger portion of the MEC broke off to create the Methodist Episcopal Church, South (MECS) although in the northern part of the nation they were still included in the general MEC. By 1845, a plan was approved so that there was a separate General Conference for the MECS in slave-holding states with the first meeting in 1846. This separation would last 93 yrs and include debate, scandal and the Civil War.


{The “Northern” Methodists were officially part of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The Northern Methodist were not happy being called “Northern Methodists” but in the South, it told who was meeting and who was not.}


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