21 April – Bulletin Preview

Mt. Mitchell United Methodist Church

Fourth Sunday of Easter

April 21, 2013 11:00 a. m.

The Word of God for the People of God.
Thanks be to God.

SERMON    –    “ There’s A Song In The Air    –    Ms. Beverly Maulden

Leader: Are you a dancer who’s never danced?
People: Oh LORD, give us YOUR dance that we can step in rhythm with our brothers
Leader: Are you a singer who’s never sung?
People: Oh LORD, share with us YOUR song that we may sing in harmony with our sisters
Leader: Are you someone full of laughter who holds it in?
People: Oh LORD, teach us to giggle so others will join us
Leader: Are you a weeper who’s afraid to cry?
People: Oh LORD, give us courage to share a tear with an understanding heart
Leader: Are you someone who cares, but is afraid to risk loving?
People: Oh LORD, fill our hearts with YOUR spirit to drown all our fears
Leader: Do you have an alleluia deep inside you growing rust?
People: Oh LORD, YOU are our strength, our joy, our song, our victory
We will dance, we will sing, we will laugh, we will cry, with all
Our brothers and sisters
We are an alleluia people learning and loving
Alleluia, Alleluia Praise God Alleluia

Bulletin for 21 April 2013